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Professor Dr. Vicknasingam Kasinather


Prof Vicknasingam   


Director Centre for Drug Research
BSoc. Sc. (Hons), MA, PhD (USM)

Contact Information:
E-mail: dir_cdr@usm.my, vickna@usm.my
Telephone: +604-653 3272
Fax: +604-656 8669
Address: Centre for Drug Research, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Penang

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My research interest is to understand and develop behavioral interventions for people who use drugs. Behavioral surveys are conducted to identify treatment gaps for people who use drugs. Surveys to identify treatment barriers for people who use drugs and integration of substance abuse treatment with other medical services is also an area of my research. I am also working with my colleagues to conduct several clinical trials among people who use opiates and amphetamines. In these trials, medications and behavioral interventions are provided and measured for its efficacy. An interesting emerging area of research is on recreational drug use (New Psychoactive Substances).

Current Research Projects:

  • Development of medical treatments for co-occuring opioid (heroin or morphine) and amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) dependence (COATS)
  • A study of issues related to buprenorphine treatment in Malaysia
  • Developing international collaboration in addiction research between Universiti Sains Malaysia and Yale University
  • Project health economic operational research (York model)
  • Drug counseling and abstinent-contingent take home buprenorphine in Malaysia
  • Pilot project to provide drug treatment for people who use drugs in Besut, Terengganu


Current PhD students (as main supervisor)

  • Sun Tun

Current Masters students (as main supervisor)

  • Wan Maisarah Wan Ahmad Kamal
  • Neshalatha A/P Govarthnapany



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Chapter in Book

  1. Marek Chawarski, Richard Schottenfeld and B. Vicknasingam. (2013) Treatment for drug dependence in Asia In: Drug Law Reform In Southeast Asia. Edt. Fifa Rahman and Nick Crofts. Lexington Publishers, USA.

Report to International Organizations (From 2010)

  1. Chinapan, B., Ennew, J. and Vicknasingam, B. (2011) Most-at-risk children-and-youth in central Kuala Lumpur; What do they think and know about risk? Report for UNICEF Malaysia.

Published Abstract

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