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Professor Dr. Mohd. Nizam Mordi


Prof Nizam e2

BSc (Hons) (UKM), MSc (USM), PhD (Manchester)

Contact Information:
E-mail: mnizam@usm.my
Telephone: +604-653 2145
Address: Centre for Drug Research, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Penang

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Mohd Nizam is a Professor of Medicinal Chemistry. He started his research endeavor with natural product screening as a platform to find lead compounds for several diseases. A breakthrough materialized after his group successfully isolated mitragynine, an alkaloid from the kratom medicinal plant. Now his research horizon circulated in drug design and discovery, in which heterocyclic compounds become his particular interest. By integrating a computer-aided drug design and artificial intelligence, his group has successfully designed and synthesized various analogs of medicinal importance. These analogs were tested primarily for analgesia, addiction, anticancer, antidepressant and Parkinson’s. Some analogs have shown a multiple-fold increase of bioactivity against their respective reference compounds from the current treatment. He consistently motivates undergraduate and postgraduate students to study medicinal chemistry and enjoy the challenge associated with the discovery of novel compounds. His research focus has opened more research opportunities and collaborations in drug discovery, development, and preclinical studies with national and international partners.

Current Research Projects:

  • Design, synthesis and mechanism of action of novel indole analogs for opioid-like activity
  • The design and synthesis of novel monofunctional and bifunctional intercalating anticancer compounds
  • Design and  synthesis  of chemical  library  focused on  neurodegenerative disorder


Current PhD students (as main supervisor)

  • Waleed Abdullah Ahmad Alananzef
  • Siti Mazleena Mohamed
  • Mazlin Mohideen
  • Mohammed Oday Ezzat




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