Community Engagement

In line with the vision of USM Division of Industry & Community Network (DICN) to serve the needs of the community, we have conducted several community-based projects with aims ranging from alleviating burden, creating awareness to instilling interest in science among young minds. Some of the projects include: visits to the childrens' cancer ward of Penang Hospital by the centre’s Sentuhan Qalbu Group, visit to Abu Nur Orphanage by representatives of CDR Welfare Club, and hosting participants of Malaysian Brain Bee Challenge (MBBC) and MBBC Juniors from secondary and primary schools in Penang and Perak (Zone B).

Contact persons:

Dr. Darshan Singh Mahinder Singh (DICN representative at CDR, Sentuhan Qalbu Group)

Dr. Siti Rafidah Yusof, Associate Prof. Dr. Zurina Hassan  (MBBC Zone B Joint Coordinators)


CDR Outreach Community Collage 2