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Current Students

Current Students

Currently, the total number of active students at the centre is 29 with 15 being PhD candidates and 14 Masters degree candidates.

What the students say about CDR…

"CDR is a great place for critical-minded students to study and explore science. As a postgraduate, I am given the opportunity and freedom to work on my research project in the pursuit of finding answers to the endless questions encapsulating the brain mechanisms. With access to research facilities, helpful academicians and friendly staff, I am able to work on my research endeavours with ease” - Hema Sekaran, PhD student

"I love it here in CDR! Doing research surrounded by talented, committed, helpful and friendly staff and students just makes research here more interesting and exciting. All the awesome moments and the valuable experiences will be cherished forever"Azzalia, PhD student

“Here, I have worked with and established relationships with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds. Exchange of ideas among us is definitely an eye-opener which allows new perspectives to be developed and pondered upon. This is extremely helpful when one is facing bottleneck in research. Advice and support from colleagues are of great comfort and propel me to persevere against all odds. Apart from budding friendships, regular Journal Club activities are a great platform for me to improve presentation and communication skills which are vital for boosting employability. Last but not least, I would like to extend my appreciation to lab officers for their assistance in my research. It is indeed an unforgettable memory I have had in CDR. I hope CDR will continue to strive to become the crème de la crème locally and achieve global recognition”Jimmy Wong, MSc student

“I spent almost 7 years in CDR, so called super senior. My journey began with MSc (2008)  and continues with PhD (2015). CDR is a package with great experiences, interesting research, information box, fun activities and good people. This place has given me a wealth of information and trained me to be a good as well as an independent researcher. I personally enjoyed all my years here” - Sutha, PhD student


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