Dr. Lai Choon Sheen

dr lai 

BSc (Hons) (UTM), PhD (USM) 

Contact Information:
E-mail: cs_lai@usm.my
Telephone: +604-653 5255
Fax: +604-656 8669
Address: Centre for Drug Research, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Penang



My research group focuses on the biodiscovery of natural products from indigenous medicinal plants. Our work involves extraction, purification and isolation of bioactive natural products using a bioactivity-guided approach, structure elucidation, and characterisation of pure compounds. The goal of our work is to discover single entity or multicomponent plant extracts that work synergistically, that may potentially be developed into new pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals in the key area of antiinfective and anticancer. Single compounds that are responsible for the pharmacological activities of the extracts will be considered for the development into new pharmaceutical products, while compounds that act synergistically are characterised and standardised as multicomponent herbal products. Our choice of plant is mainly based on indigenous ethnopharmacological knowledge, either written or verbally informed.

Current Research Projects:

  • Biodiscovery of natural products with antibacterial, antibiofilm and wound healing properties
  • Biodiscovery of anticancer agents from medicinal plants involving screening against cancer cell lines, evaluation on in vivo cancer models and in silico docking studies on therapeutic targets
  • Identification of bioactive markers and standardisation of herbal products
  • Isolation and characterisation of bioflavonoids from plants for application as antioxidants or as ingredients in functional food
  • Phytochemical studies of Southeast Asian coffee beans


Current PhD students (as main supervisor)

  • Sutha A/P Devaraj

Current MSc students (as main supervisor)

  • Jimmy Wong Ka Ming
  • Teo Hui Min



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Published Abstract

  1. N.S. Yaacob, N.N. Nik Mohd Kamal, C.S. Lai, V. Navaratnam, M.N. Norazmi (2010) A dichloromethane fraction of Strobilanthes crispus induces apoptosis and promotes the effect of tamoxifen in MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 cells. EJC Supplements, 8, 5–81.