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Professor Simon Lawrence Croft Public Lecture

Prof Simon Croft

25th January 2017, Prof. Simon Lawrence Croft, from Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine gave a Public Lecture on Neglected Tropical Diseases through Partnerships. The lecture was organised by USM Division of Research and Innovation. In his lecture, he shared about his research in neglected tropical diseases, and most importantly his various successful collaborations with academia and private sectors. Apart from giving a lecture, one of his other activities during his visit in USM was to have discussion sessions with young researchers. From CDR, Dr. Siti Rafidah Yusof, Dr. Zurina Hassan, Dr. Darshan Singh and Prof. Sabariah Ismail were given opportunities to present their research with Prof. Simon Croft, to get feedback and valuable advice from him. More news here.

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