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Epidemiology & Behavioural Science

Research in this area aims to fill some gaps in the epidemiological data that is collected by the government in the area of substance abuse. In the past, some of the research projects conducted were aimed at understanding the socio-behavioural aspects of drug addiction, the context and the risk factors surrounding drug use.

Researchers at CDR has also been collecting epidemiological data on diversion of medications used to treat drug users in order to get better understanding on issues surrounding the use of medication to treat drug users.

Developing relevant and effective psychotherapy interventions is also another area of expertise at CDR. This is an important area of study since the use of amphetamine type stimulant (ATS) drugs has increased substantially over the last few years in Malaysia. Currently, there is no medication available to treat this group of users.

Researchers at CDR collaborate with other international institutions to conduct clinical trials to determine effectiveness of various treatment approaches for drug users.

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